A Mysterious Perennial Marigold



A few years ago I bought this variety of perennial marigold that keeps coming back every year and blooming wonderfully.

I can’t figure out the species, however.

The scent is musky and zippy and I was told this species is an excellent nematode repellent.


The leaves look similar to an annual marigold but this plant never gives up.

Any idea what it is?

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  • A Google search shows Tagetes Lemonii might be what you have.

    • This looks to me like Copper Canyon Daisy, Tagetes lemonii, a plant I bought and sold for ten years at a local butterfly exhibit. It was a main staple for the butterflies in the winter months when many other plants went out of bloom. If this is indeed the plant it will have a very strong, almost citronella odor when you brush against the foliage. I have it growing in sand hills east of Gainesville Fl. under water oaks with no irrigation. It has been growing for six years now. A real bonus is the deer absolutely leave it alone.

      I noticed a post calling it Tagetes lucida. Tagetes lucida is far more pleasing to the tongue and nose. If you are a fan of black licorice that is……

  • This is tagetes lucida. Smell like anise. Wonderful tea. Has many medicinal uses also.

    • Thank you, though this one smells pretty… herbaceous.

      • Trust me on this one. I have been using it for years. In the South West, the common name is Mexican mint marigold. Here in the DR, it is called estregon. The aroma varies at different times. We have been using it for tea for many years. There are several articles written about it under different names. I believe the herb companion magazine wrote a lovely article about it a few years ago.

  • This plant is just like the ones I have called coreopsis, or tickseed. The are cut down to ground level or fall to the ground in winter and come up next year.

  • Where to get these plants or seeds?

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