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The net is back up, so I’m back at it. Thanks for your patience.

Yesterday one of my viewers on YouTube told me I should check out “The Natural Farmer” channel.

Turns out it’s great. The guy knows his stuff and presents information wonderfully.

When I saw this video on turning weeds into soil in five months… I shared it with my newsletter subscribers, and now I’m sharing it here as well:

I left a nice comment below the video and it turns out he already knew of me and my work. Instant friendship! Gotta love it.

If you’re fighting with your gardening, it’s possible you’re really fighting the soil, not the plants.

Get that life going in the soil and it will feed you!

This is one of the things I share in Compost Everything. Drop organic matter on the ground and nature will do the rest. It’s so simple. And look at the before and after in his video. I subscribed to his channel and I recommend you do too. Gotta support people sharing great ideas.

Eat Your Dirt

If you really want to know more on building soil, the upcoming “Eat Your Dirt” online conference looks awesome.

My friend William Horvath will be in it, as will Paul Wheaton, Dr. Elaine Ingram, Brad Lancaster… it’s great. Like a who’s-who of experts. Sign up here for free.

Catch you all soon.

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  • I’ve tried another way of turning weeds into soil – putting them in buckets of water and kitchen composting scraps (some of our weeds are a bit “woody” so I wanted to add nitrogen). It was somewhat inspired by what you did with the fish scraps etc. in the 55-gallon drums.

    I forgot about that bucket, and it has been a couple of months now. It stinks when opened and stirred, and most of the weeds are still partly intact within.

    Failed experiment because waited too long? Something that could be used at a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio with some benefit?

    How do I think about making good compost tea with some of the existing yard weeds, so if I use the tiered method above I can use ‘waste’ products from my own land to help break up the nitrogen?

    • That odor is perfectly fine – you did well! I do a lot of composting that way. Check this out:

      I think about 8 parts water to one part anaerobic compost tea. I would definitely take weeds and grass and compost them in a big bucket of water. I also add leaf mould from the woods to inoculate it with a wide range of bacteria. If I have sea water, I add a bit of that too, for minerals.

  • If you like The Natural Farmer, you’ll probably like Work With Nature too.

  • When I started to see how useful weeds were for composting material I stopped viewing weeding as a chore. Now it has become selective gardening. I leave edibles like Sonchus, lambs quarter etc to prosper increasing the variety of foods to chose from.

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