Using Moringa as fertilizer

sprouting moringa seeds

I’ve heard about using moringa for nutritional deficiencies – but what about using moringa for fertilizer? It makes sense to me, since if it contains lots of nutrition for the human body, it would also contain lots of nutrition for plant life.

using moringa as fertilizer

Using moringa as fertilizer makes sense

I’m always on the lookout for alternative fertilizers – especially considering some of our traditional organic options have been poisoned by Big Ag (see my article on toxic manure).

Knowing that the moringa tree is a highly productive and extremely nutritious food for people, I wondered if perhaps it might also be a good amendment for plants.

The answer is yes! Check this out:

“Recently a new benefit of Moringa was suggested: the leaves seem to contain a substance that stimulates plant growth and increases crop production. Several years ago, Mr. Nikolaus Foidl came across a referenceto a study by a Mr. Singh of India. It said that an extract from Moringa leaves seemed to stimulate the growth of plants.

Mr. Foidl and his colleagues tested the process with various crops and refined the protocol. They have successfully applied the formula to large-scale farming.”

It seems more experiments are in order.

I’ve been using moringa as a chop and drop fertilizer in my my gardens and my food forest and it seems to help; however, I haven’t tried moringa as a liquid fertilizer.

We do drink moringa tea when we get sick – it seems the plants like it as much as our bodies.

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