Using Seaweed in the Garden


A nice afternoon led to a good video on using seaweed in the garden:

Enjoy. I’m going to write a much longer post on this topic for The Grow Network soon.

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  • Sick Video and flow. (videflo)?

    I have been using seaweed in the garden for years. I was surfing yesterday ( yes we actually occasionally have waves on the gulf coast) and I filled a publix bag with the good good. I used it for mulch in the FFF (400sq ft Food Forest) around the trees. I never rinse it. Somehow I feel like that takes away some of the goodness. After it dries out, which doesn’t take long, I crumble it into the soil.

    I also have a stinky 5 gal. bucket full of stinky seaweed tea that I dilute and water my raised annual veg garden with.
    I can tell when the tea is ready when it starts to smell like cow manure after about 2 weeks.

    Much Respect (Mulch Respect)

    • My kind of gardening, Jesse. I like the smell test for done-ness.

      I agree on the rinsing, too. I just throw it in.

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