Wildflowers Repair Broken Ecosystems


Weeds were designed to repair the soil so this isn’t surprising:

“Lupine, California poppies and buttercups are putting on a floral display in Sonoma Valley Regional Park where the Nuns Fire tore through oak woodlands. In Shiloh Ranch Regional Park, scorched by the Tubbs Fire, lots of lilies are popping up.

And Sugarloaf State Park, which was burned across 80 percent of its acreage, is awash in a burst of colorful blooms. Massive patches of whispering bells, which are known as “fire followers” and bloom after blazes, are growing all over the park.

Thick swaths of bird’s eye gilia that weren’t there last year are blanketing grasslands. Tall and lacy Fremont star lilies are popping up in the chaparral areas of the park. And in the more lush forest areas, there are unusual amounts of beautiful flowers in the lily family, fairy lantern and mission bells.”

You can learn a lot from a piece of land by observing the plants which have volunteered.

Weeds do good work!

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  • Fire stimulates the germination of some species. Do a web search for “fire ephemerals”.

  • Last June a brush fire burned about 60% of my property. The result was more wildflowers than I have ever seen. I have lived on the property almost all my life and have never seen most of these flowers, and many more have come back this year! Gods design is amazing.

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